Doi Ang Khang – Best Place To Visit In Chiang Mai

Also known as Doi Ang Khang (doi means hill in Thai), Ang Khang Royal Agricultural Station is the Royal Project’s, a foundation His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej has founded to help raise living standard of underprivileged hilltribes, first station founded in TKTKTK to research and demonstrate on vegetable, fruits and flowers. Ang Khang Royal Project covers a vast area of Ang Khang Hill that offers scenic views and nice weather all year round, especially during November and January when the temperature reaches its coldest. It is also home to several attractions, such as:

Bonsai Garden: Located in front of the station, Bonsai Garden houses various temperate and winter Bonsai, featuring herb trees from all over the map. November to January is the best time to visit this garden.

Kiew Lom View Point: It is where you immerse yourself with the breathtaking view of Ang Khang Hill, soaking up the stunning sunrise and sea of fog in the morning hours. Sunset can also be witnessed on the tip of the mountain.

Mu Ban Khum: Settled in the neighbourhood of the royal project, Mu Ban Khum is a small community of Burmese, Hwa, and Thai Yai. Drop by this village for souvenir shopping and exotic meals.

Mu Ban No Lae: Visit Mu Ban No Lae to enjoy the pleasant view of the Thai-Burma border. The people of No Lae have migrated from Burma about 15 years ago. They speak their native language and observe Buddhist precepts seriously on Buddhist days.

Mu Ban Khop Dong: Superstition and simplicity are co-exisiting here at Mu Ban Khop Dong, where traditional living of Musoe tribe is still preserved. The villagers here make a living from agriculture and handicrafts by the support from Ang Khang Royal project. Visiting Yunnan Chinese migrants from World War II at Mu Ban Luang and observe their agricultural projects.

Accomodations are available at Ang Khang Natural Resort where their endless list of adventurous activity will make you want to stay for more. The resort offers natural study trekking of 2 kms along the dazzling waterfalls where wonderful bold-flowered Rhododendrom will be greeting you. Exploring the great outdoor expanse with the mountain bike from Ban Khim to Nolae and from Ban Luang to Ban Pha Daeng route. If you are one of the birders, don’t miss the bird watching at Mae Phoe forest station and the resort itself with more than 1,000 rare bird species awaiting you. Though elephant riding may be over the map in Thailand, we are certain that Mule riding is not. To experience this unforgettable trip, booking should be made at least one day in advance. While riding, make sure you sit facing the sideways to fit in the wide saddles for your own safety.

Getting there: To visit Doi Ang Khang Royal Project, you will need a powerful vehicle and experienced driver for difficult steep hill driving up.  Take Chiang Mai-Fang route (highway no. 107). Make a left turn at Mae Kha Market intersection, around Km. 137 and keep going for other 25 kilometers.  Or take the local taxi, Song Thaeo, from Mae Kha Market.

Opening hours: Daily, 8am – 5pm


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