Cathedral Church of Bandung – Best Place To Visit In Bandung

Cathedral Church of Bandung, or the Cathedral of St. Peter, is a church located at Jalan Merdeka, Bandung, Indonesia. The building was designed by Ir. Charles Proper Wolff Schoemaker and neo-Gothic architectural style of late. Viewed from above, resembles a symmetrical cross. Cathedral of St. Peter has a land area of 2385 m2 and a building area of 785 m2.
Cathedral Church of St. Peter, Bandung save a lot of interesting stories revealed, especially for Catholics who have not had time to know her. More than just a building that has a distinctive architecture, this cathedral was a silent witness of a long journey in the development of Catholic (Diocesan) Bandung. The story begins around 1878, at which time it Bandung as the capital of residency Priangan already quite crowded, but Catholics do not have their own service.
To serve the people, priests were brought from the nearest stations, namely Cirebon under the Apostolic Vicariate of Batavia. When the railway Batavia – Bandung was opened in 1884 and transportation became easier, people are still in service immediately prepared Bandung. Thus, the first church was built measuring just 8 x 21 square meters equipped with a rectory in Schoolweg (now Jalan Merdeka), adjacent to the coffee warehouse owned by the Dutch colonial government. This church was named St. Franciscus Regis and blessed by Mgr. W. Staal on June 16, 1895.
On 1 April 1906, London gained the status of Gemeente (municipal level), so that the right to organize the management of the city itself. Since then, the city of Bandung slowly taking shape, such as by carrying out the development of urban settlements for Dutch citizens and the construction of the municipal government center (civic center) in the form of a park following the City Hall Building (later called Pieterspark) right at the site of a former coffee warehouse. Complementing the civic center, the later built many public buildings such as schools around the city hall, banks, police stations and churches, for both Catholics and Protestant. On February 13, 1907, the government issued a decree to separate Priangan, including the city of Bandung, the administrative district of Cirebon.
Defined as a city of Bandung in West Java, the new stations are led by Pastor J. Timmers from Cirebon who was 4 years old living in London. In the operation of the church during the next four years the congregation was growing up to 280 people at the celebration of the Eucharist. At that time, the number of Catholics in London alone has reached 1800 people. Then the Church of St. Francis Regis was extended for no longer enough to accommodate a growing congregation. After several alternatives were chosen a former farm land in the East Church St. Francis Regis, in Merpikaweg (now Independence road), as the location of the new church. Designers also have been chosen, namely Ir. C.P. Wolff Schoemaker, a Dutch architect.


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