Three Great China Vacation Destinations

When looking over China vacations packages you might want to visit one destination or take a sweeping tour of the country. China is a big country with a lot of historical sites and beautiful landscapes that are unique to only this part of the world.  You could pick one city or district in China and not see the whole thing even in a week and in some districts, a month. So when planning your China vacation, keep in mind what you really want to see and what you have time for. You may want to too keep one or two places in reserve if you find you have more time that you thought. Any where you choose, you can be assured that your vacation will be unique and exciting.

You might want to visit Yongding.  Here you can visit the circular fortresses of the Hakka minority. These famous fortresses housed hundreds of members of the same family name and kept the ancestral history that is thousand of years old intact. Not only did these fortresses protect the families from the barbaric hoards but they stood as palaces and castles that showed the wealth of a family name and the honor it was to belong to that family. It is one of the most impressive architecture that demonstrates the domestic family ties that are abound in China.

Another China vacation destination is Yushu in the Qinghai province. Here Tibetan culture is mixed with the Chinese culture and you can have the best of both worlds. Though the Chinese government has put political pressure on the Tibetans, these descendants of great warriors will welcome you into their town. You can shop the local markets and visit Tibetan monasteries that have overshadowed the town for a thousand years. This cultural adventure will be the highlight of any China destination that you choose.

If you want to add a religious experience to your China vacation, you cant miss the town of Jianshui in the Yunnan district. This town was built during the Han dynasty and here you will see the third largest Confusion temple in the country. Also you will see a mixture of Qing and Ming dynasty architecture that will weave a rich tapestry of culture and history right before your eyes. Rice farming is abundant here and you can bicycle or hike through terraced fields that you may have only seen in your fourth grade geography book.

No matter what city, province, or district you choose on your China vacations package, you will find friendly people who are just as curious about you as you are of them. Through the thousands of years of history, this country and its people can offer you a vacation of a lifetime and an education of a culture that has been and will be an influence to the rest of the world for another thousand years to come. If you want to know more about each of the sites listed above, do a little research on the internet, and find out more. Once you get a little taste of what is offered there, you will be planning your China vacation immediately.

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