Romantic China Vacations

When choosing a romantic vacation for you and your spouse, you might want to think about choosing china for your vacation destination. China vacations are becoming popular because of the exotic culture and rich tradition that has been maintained in the country for thousands of years. Though visiting the sites is a good reason to go to China, a couple can find romantic getaways to rekindle the flames of their love and at the same time have a wonderful, exciting vacation that they will never forget. China vacations come in all sorts of packages, but there is one that the couple in love will go for more than most.

Whether you are looking for a place to honeymoon or a place to rekindle old love, China offers many romantic hotels with features you would only expect to find in Europe or in American. A China vacations package can offer a stay in the Ritz-Carlton in Shanghai.  It is only a twenty minute drive from the Hong Qioa International airport and offers beautiful view from over five hundred room and luxurious suites that were created with the romantic getaway in mind.  The hotel will offer the finest in quality and service and if you are mixing business with pleasure the hotel has state of the art conference rooms and catering services that will please any business guest. When staying at this hotel, you and your significant other can enjoy great shopping. The hotel is located right in the middle of the commercial and shopping district.

Even if you do not want to leave the hotel and just bundle up in your room, you can enjoy some of the best dining Shanghai has to offer. They have six restaurants and lounges that are awarding winning with their mix of culinary delights and variety of cuisine. They even have a health club where the couple can work out together and a pool and hot tub to relax in after a hard day of seeing the site. China vacations and a stay at the Ritz can even offer entertainment. The hotel is located only ten minutes away from the Shanghai Grand Theatre and the Shanghai Museum.

Other China vacation packages may even offer airfare and ground transportation to go along with your stay at the Shanghai Ritz. Your imagination is the limit as you jet off to this romantic vacation spot.  The culture is so rich and historical you will be amazed at the split between the ancient and modern architecture you will see around the city. One building will look like a sky scrapper you would see in New York and the next building will be built thousands of years ago and you will see the site perfectly preserved in the original cultural manner.

So when you and your significant other sit down to plan your next romantic getaway, remember that china vacation packages can cater to your every whim. You can visit a distinct culture and see historical sites that are thousands of years old and at the same time you can bring your relationship together and have a stronger bond between the two of you. Otherwise, you may opt to visit Jungle Vista Inn and enjoy you holiday to the fullest, too.

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