Preparing Student Documents For International Traveling

Students need thorough assistance especially when dealing with the different requirements regarding their international travel. Here, you’ll learn the different documents you’ll be needing that depends on your purpose of travel. What are those that you need?

•    Identification card

•    Passport

•    Travel visa

•    If you are a U.S. citizen, working visa

•    Immunization records

•    International driver’s license

Document Details

1. Identification card – you will need any kind of identification material or proof especially when traveling in different parts of the world. You need this with a recent ID in order to board planes, cash traveler checks, rent cars, getting through immigration and customs, and if in cases that you have difficulties with government officials or authorities. You may also need your identification document for the purpose of checking into hotels, boarding local ferries and trains, or using a credit card or debit card.

2. Passport – If you are already of legal age, passport requirements usually entail filling up of an application form and surrendering important papers like your birth certificate. You also have to pay certain application fees. Your passport will be valid for 10 years and will serve as your universal ID which will be accepted in any country worldwide. You can also provide your passport as your official application document in order to meet with the INS’s employment fulfillment in the United States.

3. Visa or travel visa – A visa is a specialized document that states an endorsement which is stamped on your passport by custom officials wherein it allows you to visit their country. Example, if you wanted to go to China, an approval from the Chinese consulate is needed in order to enter their country via your visa. You can check through the web for the different locations of different country embassies in your area. For the case of students, you have the reason to “visit” for the purpose of work or for tourism which is usually known as studying abroad.  There are only minimal countries that require tourism visas like China, Russia, Africa, Japan, Turkey, Cuba, Brazil, and Egypt. Although, these may change in time so it’s best to confirm it.

4. Work visa – this is far different than travel visa. If you wanted to be a student and at the same time work, you might as well get a work visa.

5. Immunization records – this will greatly depend on the country where you wanted to go. It is seldom that countries require visitors to surrender immunization records. It is still under your discretion if you wanted to get immunized because there are certain countries wherein epidemics are rampant. But be aware that you have to finish the shots before leaving.

6. International License – be reminded that if you already have your U.S. driver’s license, it may be enough to support renting cars and scooters in all countries. That is perhaps probable but true. Although, there are still countries that require you to get local driver’s license; in cases like this you have to contact your local U.S. Embassy for verifications.

When you have all of these prepared, you can now go on international travel without worrying a bit. Just make sure that you secure these important documents and as much as possible, produce copies of the original documents.

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