Preparing for International Travel: Application for Passports

Before packing your things and making the big leap out of your country, you must first secure a passport which will serve as your ticket to any destination. In preparation for your international travel outside America, you have to first apply for a U.S. Passport. If you are new at this kind of deal, then this article might just be a big help for you to apply for your very own passport for the first time.

First of all, you must be reminded that application must be in person. There are over seven thousand government agencies like post offices or courthouses that accept applications for passports or you can just visit your local passport facility. You can make a quick call at your county courthouse to make queries about the important documents that you need to submit in order for quick processing of your papers. The following documents are the most common requirements that these facilities ask for:

Proof of Citizenship

You must carry with you a proof that you are really a certified citizen of the United States of America in order to proceed to your application. One very good example is a copy of your authentic birth certificate that is issued by the government itself and not coming from a hospital. This is true with all applications for those who are born in America. You can also bring your Certificate of Citizenship or Nationalization to testify that you are indeed an official resident of the place. An expired passport of the United States can also be valid proof.

Proof of Identification

This simply means a valid identification card with your recent photograph attached to it. Your driver’s license is one good example. A valid military or government ID with signature can also be accepted.

Recent Photo

Make sure that you won’t give your picture that was taken ten years ago. You need to bring two photos that are completely identical and were just recently taken at least within five to six months.  Usually, you have to surrender a 2×2 picture that are taken in front view with plain background. Attire should be as presentable and possibly without any accessories like glasses or head dress.

Completed Application

You can fill out a passport application form or form DS-11. Be sure that you have every entry filled out EXCEPT your signature for this is done in front of an authorized personnel otherwise processing will be repeated.

There you have it. Easy, right?

Here are a few more tips when applying for a passport:

1. Be honest. You have to fill out the form DS-11 in all honesty so as not to collide with any possible problem.

2. Be sure that you attach the original documents and not just photocopied papers for these original details will be returned to you once you receive your passport.

3. Make secondary copies of your originals forms including your application just in case it gets lost before you completely send out your form.

Preparing for international travel can be quite exhausting but with a little help, you’ll find it most suitable. All you need to do is follow the rules of engagement and make sure that you pay the expected fees in order to request for expedited processing.

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