How To Get Around In Hong Kong And Beijing

Not everyone in Hong Kong gets to ride on the roadways.  This is because the government has put limitations in place as to who can have and drive a vehicle.  There are so many people that ride the roadways in Hong Kong; the government felt there was not a need for everyone to have a vehicle.

When this rule was put forth, a lot a vehicles remained off the roadways.  However, the increase in people driving nowadays seems to be creeping back up again.

However, there are people who are turning away from their vehicles and embracing public transportation.  Hong Kong’s system uses buses, ferries and streetcars.  In addition to that Hong Kong uses a rail system, electric railway and a minibus.

Most people in Hong Kong use the buses to get to and from their destinations.  They also utilize the minibus service.  There is a certain area in Hong Kong that uses a cable car service.

The city also provides ferry services to places from Hong Kong to Macau.   If you’re going to Kwangtung from Hong Kong, you would do best by taking a small airplane.  If you use the electric railway, you can get to places like Sha Tin and Tai Po.

More people are starting to use this.  As a result, ridership from using the electric railway has increased with passengers.  In addition to carrying passengers, this railway is responsible for transporting livestock and other pieces of freight.

The city of Beijing is growing in number, and they have to do something in order to accommodate the influx of people coming to their city.  Therefore, the government has started to implement methods of transportation that will get people to their destination faster and are reliable.

This is especially important with the upcoming 2008 Summer Olympic Games.  People will need to get to their destinations quickly and safely.  It’s important that this is implemented because the world will be looking at them to see how they operate in this capacity.

The city uses three modes of public transportation:  taxis, subways and buses.  The city’s subway is about three decades or more in age.  The system is in good shape, but it could use some upgrades, especially with the 2008 Summer Olympic Games right around the corner.

The subway consists of 16 stations, which are housed among two rail lines.  Another rail line is responsible for housing 21 rail stations.  To use the service, you will need what is called a journey ticket.  The tickets don’t cost a lot.  If you’re looking to go to downtown Beijing, you can take either of these rail lines to get there.

Within the bus system, there are a little less than 650 bus routes that will take you anywhere within the limits of the city.  You may have to stand once you get on because the buses are always full to capacity.

You won’t have any problems finding a taxi because there are so many of them.  They are currently not connected to other systems yet, but that’s about to change soon.  They are looking to have wireless systems in each taxi soon.

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