How To Acquire Your Children’s Passport In Preparation For International Travel

Acquiring a passport for your children is a must especially if you’re planning for an international travel. Going abroad should include everyone and your kids are no exception. They need passport for traveling overseas. Although, if you’re planning to cross into Bermuda, some parts of the Caribbean, Mexico or Canada by sea or land, children who are aged 15 and under can just use a certified or original copy of their birth certificates in the place of passports.

The above statement is also applied with those children who are 16 to 18 years old provided that they are accompanied by an adult or is affiliated with an athletic, religious or cultural group. It is applicable with the destinations that were just mentioned.

However, if you really want to get your child his or her very own passport, you can do it in behalf of your child provided that he or she must be with you upon application; noting that all first time applications are made in a personal attempt. In addition, for your child’s passport renewal, you must also do it in person if he or she was still under the age of 16 when you first applied his or her passport.

In general, you must bring:

•    form DS-11 completely filled out EXCEPT for the signature

•    Two passport photographs that is identical, 2×2 in size, colored, which was taken within six months. Therefore, your child’s photo must be recent and should have a white background for formality’s sake.

•    Proof of citizenship namely your child’s authenticated birth certificate.

•    Proof of relationship to your child. If you’re the parent, it is sufficient that the authorized person sees your name on his or her birth certificate so be sure to bring a valid identification card for confirmation purposes. Your passport or recent driver’s license is enough validity.

•    Application fee that usually amounts to about $80-85.

Again, as mentioned earlier, your child must be with you upon application. Furthermore, both parents must be present on the time of application. On the other hand, one parent will be enough provided that a notarized consent should be issued that authorizes the issuance of the child’s passport.

Although, in the cases of single parents, the person can apply for the passport of the child with proof that you have the sole authority to apply. Some of the documents which will strengthen that sole authority include death certificate of the husband or wife or a declaration of incompetency made by judicial notice.

However, if a third party or a guardian that is not blood related with the child applies in behalf of the minor that is 14 and under, the unrelated person must submit a notarized affidavit or statement written by the parents themselves authorizing the third party.  If the affidavit appeared to be from a single parent, the guardian or unrelated person must secure an evidence of sole custody from the authorizing parent.

Take note that when your child is too young to sign his or her signature, you can do it in his or her behalf. You can print your name on your child’s passport and then sign their name on it. Put a parenthesis next to it and then indicate the relationship of the undersigned person to the child. After application, you will be asked to wait for a couple of days or even weeks for the processing of documents and then voila, the first step to international traveling preparation is done.

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