Disability Preparations When Traveling Internationally

Before deciding to go abroad, you have to check first with your physician whether or not it would be advisable to go on a trip abroad. If your physician agrees, then off with your preparations to travel internationally. But, if you are given some health precautions, be sure that you follow it to be able to secure a healthier trip.

There are countries that have different standards of accessibility for travelers who are disabled. While some countries have laws that do not discriminate the disabled in order to protect the traveler from any kind of problem, other countries don’t. Preparation has always been the best key in order to have an enjoyable and at the same time safe trip abroad.

Being disabled doesn’t have to exempt you from enjoying the different things outside your country. You are allowed to roam anywhere you want provided that you can handle yourself well despite of whatever circumstance that may occur. Review materials regarding your condition in order to educate you with the different places that do not discriminate travelers with disability.

Some of the effective tips in order to attain a safe and pleasurable travel are:

•    Advance research – Countries are subject to giving equal treatment to the people around them ruling out any kind of discrimination. Consider the health care resources that are available in the country where you want to go and the types of transportations that you have to cope with. Upon reservations, you have to inform the travel carrier or agent of your disability. In this case, you will be able to be given assistance that is needed. If necessary, you have to tell the different equipments that should be used in cases of attacks or problems. Whatever the case may be, always ask that it should be documented.

•    Ask for medical assistance – inform your physician of the details of your travel like the activities that you have planned and your current physical condition. Ask if you need to have immunizations because there are countries that have epidemics of diseases that can be immunized with. Ask for a letter from your physician stating your current medical condition which includes your medicines and prescribed interventions.

•    Bring your medications – be sure that once you leave your place, your medicines can outlast your trip. Medications like these will help you greatly in cases of attacks. This will also help to prevent complications and relapses. Bring prescribed medicines and supplements. Pack all your medications inside your carry-on bag for easy access to the medicines. Your prescriptions must always be labeled.

•    Evacuation and health insurance – when you go abroad, it is a must that you have sufficient coverage of your insurance that’ll include your medical evaluation.

•    Equipment maintenance – be sure that your medical equipments are checked before you leave. It is always proper to make sure that your equipments are properly working in order to make it work for your advantage.

•    Have a written plan – Remind yourself to carry plans of your activities, people you want to meet and different directions of where you must go. This will help you if in case that you are lost.

With all these precautions and tips, you’ll have a more pleasant trip because you know that you have planned and prepared well in order to experience a more pleasurable stay in the foreign country of your choice.

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