China Vacations and the Dos and Don’ts at the Custom Office

China vacations are fun and adventurous. As with every vacation abroad you need to do’s and don’ts when you are entering and leaving the country.  A faux pas could get you into some serious trouble with China and you may not be allowed into the country and you worse you may even be deported or jailed. It is wise to know the customs and quirks of the country but it is more important to know what is legal and illegal. A country’s law should be respected and without this respect the tourist is setting themselves up with some serious consequences. The following is some do’s and don’t when you are planning your China vacation. To not follow them could mean that your vacation ends at the customs office.

If you are a smoker or drink alcohol there are some pretty tight regulations of what you can bring into the country. You can have two hundred cigarettes which is usually a carton. If you try to get anymore into the country they will be destroyed in the customs line. There are cigarettes for sale in China, but they may be of lesser quality than the brand you are used to smoking. You are allowed fifty cigars and Cuban cigars are legal in China. You can purchase Cubans at many of the tobacconist in the major cities. Don’t ruin your China vacation because you have a large smoking habit. Stick by the rules and you will be able to have one of the best vacation experiences you have ever had.

You are allowed to take into and out of China only two 1.5 liters of alcohol. Unless this is a gift it would be wise to purchase your alcohol in China. Your China vacation can’t go without you trying some of the local alcoholic beverages. There are many varieties of rice beer and liquor that will tempt your palette and at the same time you the same high you would receive from American or European beers and liquors. Some Chinese restaurants brew their own spirits, but be careful of these, some are mixed with chemicals that will give it a kick, but may be dangerous to your health and your senses.

On your China vacations make sure you declare your electronic equipment whether you are entering or leaving the country. China has a large inverstmet in the electronics market and they keep a close eye on any electronic devise coming into the country. Computers, word processors, cameras, and even ipods are scrutinized carefully. If you buy an electronic device in China declare it on the way out to avoid any confusion in the customs office. You done want to be accused of black marketing. You could be deported or thrown into the Chinese jail.

When on your China vacation, pay attention and learn the rules that govern what you can take into the country and can take out. If you don’t know, ask. China welcomes tourism, but they do not want their economy or cultural heritage ruined by a non-compliant or ignorant tourist.

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