Applying For Visa Tips For International Travel

Deciding to stay in one place can take you months or even years to do. This is because applying for a visa in order to be prepared for international travel or temporary visiting permits can go on for a long time. Duration greatly depends on the visa type, successful completion of the entire paperwork, and your relation status to America. This is not to discourage you but applying for a visa can be a do or die situation – you can have it or just be ignored. Although, the following tips can help you rid of the exhaustion in getting a visa.

Tip # 1 – Be equipped

Applying for a visa isn’t easy. You have to take the twists and turns to be able to get through. In order to ride smoothly, you have to be equipped with a lot of self-determination and patience because when talking to other people especially with people inside the offices, they will give you the time of your life asking for all the required documents. So get yourself ready with a pen and paper and start searching in the phone directory for the INS or Immigration and Naturalization Service number.

Tip # 2 – Get in touch

Once you have seen the INS that is responsible for your concerns within your vicinity, call them and start asking credible questions like required documents and the like. If you are not living in America, you can contact the American Embassy or Consulate in your place.

Tip # 3 – Request

By this time you have already established some kind of agreement therefore you can ask for application forms which will be all sent to your area. You have to make sure that the address that you give is credible and can be easily traced to be able to hasten the delivery.

Tip # 4 – Inquire

Ask for questions like “Do I need someone to sponsor my application?” This means that someone in the country where you intend to go will take full financial responsibility of you in case that you may not be able to initially support yourself. If the answer to the question is “Yes”, then start looking for someone who’ll sponsor at once.

Tip # 5 – Complete filling

Once the requested form has arrived, you have to fill out the application legibly and fully. As much as possible, don’t make any remarks or erasures. After which, mail it back to the agency for document processing along with some of the mentioned requirements like documents, recent photographs, and application fees. Mail it back by registered mail and make sure that you send copies and not the original one not unless the instructions told you so.

Tip # 6 – Sponsorship

If you are requested to have a sponsor, then be sure to send that person the needed documents in order for him or her to fill it out. Once completely filled, be sure that he or she mails it back to you via registered or express mail.

Tip # 7 – Filing

Once all documents are already completed, you can confidently call up the INS for a filing appointment or an interview and somehow, a physical examination. This can take days although, by that time, you’ll be instructed that you can already get your visa.

And there you have it, a fully furnished visa right at your fingertips. Now, you can go on preparing for international travel. Start packing and have a safe trip.

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